"I worked directly with Chris Scholtes on two financial reviews for non-profit organizations. He and I worked on restricted endowment funds and a capital campaign. Because of his thorough work and research of old records, he clarified the restrictions on the endowment funds and explained it to the board of directors. Chris was professional, knowledgeable, reliable and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend C.E.A Scholtes & Associates.."-- Anissa Good, PHR Office Manager Garvey Insurance & Financial Services

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The AICPA Not-for-Profit Section supports not-for-profits (NFPs) and the professionals who serve NFPs. The NFP Section membership gives members resources to perform their job efficiently. Members of this section broaden their technical expertise, improve their professional competence and receive resources to deliver high-quality services to their clients or organization. The Section produces and delivers information, tools and resources that facilitate timely compliance with standards and regulations, promote the excellence of our members as leaders in the NFP sector, and serve as a hub for peer-to-peer learning and information sharing. Topics cover NFP requirements in Accounting & Financial Reporting, Tax Compliance, Governance and Assurance.

You can change your address and employment information online through www.aicpa.com/about/dues.htm or e-mail, mail or fax the information to the Member Service Center. In either case, The CPA letter and Journal of Accountancy will automatically be updated. You can also update your e-mail address account information online at www.cpa2biz.com.

You can download PDF file here for details.